Oral Vocabulary and Language Program


VocabulArte is the ALL-NEW Spanish Edition. Level A will be available in Fall 2014. Learn more!

Raise the vocabulary bar Enrich your curriculum Devote a little time Reap big rewards

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Oral vocabulary and comprehension

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Discussions4Learning is an engaging oral language program that will accelerate your students’ vocabulary acquisition.

  • No worksheets or drills. Just lively discussions about fine art and real-world photos.

  • Research-proven results. Testing showed significant gains in vocabulary acquisition, comprehension, and the ability to decipher unknown words using context clues.

  • Designed for students of all ability levels. From your English Language Learners to your most linguistically proficient students, all will participate and benefit.

You’ll be amazed at how much your students can learn in so little time! Learn more in this video.