White Papers

In a scientifically-based research study, classrooms that used the Discussions4Learning curriculum demonstrated significant, statistical gains in the following areas:

  • Overall vocabulary knowledge
  • Retention of academically challenging vocabulary
  • Ability to use context clues to decipher meaning of unknown words
  • Listening comprehension of both fiction and nonfiction texts

Everybody’s Talking:
Helping English Learners Build Academic Language

Alfredo Schifini, Ph.D., leading expert in oral language and effective instructional approaches for English language learners, discusses the value of oral language, and specific strategies to support English learners.

Accountable Talk Equals Better Language Skills

Elena Zaretsky, Ph.D., a leading expert in language development, shares her research using Discussions4Learning with low-proficiency English language learners. She demonstrates the significant increase in oral academic language and the ability to construct a meaningful narrative after 15 weeks of using Discussions4Learning with students in Grades 1–3 as compared to a control group of high-performing English language learners. After 15 weeks, the low-performing English language learners’ narratives equaled or exceeded those of the high-performing English language learners.