Oral Vocabulary and Language Program


VocabulArte is the ALL-NEW Spanish Edition. Levels A, B, C, and D are now available. Learn more!

Raise the vocabulary bar Enrich your curriculum Devote a little time Reap big rewards

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The All-New
Spanish Edition

English Language

Support for academic
oral language

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You’ll be amazed at how all your students’ oral and written language will improve with these engaging lessons based on academic discussions of fine art images and real-world photos. Students truly learn and internalize high-level academic vocabulary with no worksheets, no homework, and no flash cards!

NEW! Four Portfolios: Large Art Images and Photos – one for each level

  • Spiral bound with handle, durable, 16" x 20"
  • Labels and vocabulary in both English and Spanish
  • 96 brilliant images – 48 fine art images and 48 real-world photos per Big Book
  • Perfect for small groups and learning stations
  • Great for revisiting previously discussed images and vocabulary