Level A


What level(s) should I buy?
The levels can be used as early as grades K–3. The vocabulary and images, however, are sophisticated enough to use the levels at the intermediate or middle school levels depending on the vocabulary level of your students.

Level A Themes

Each theme includes six weeks of lessons. Each week includes four 20-minute lessons.

  • Theme 1: Things We See and Use
  • Theme 2: Our Living World
  • Theme 3: Places and Spaces
  • Theme 4: Our Changing World

Level A is intended as an introductory level. Each Level A lesson introduces four vocabulary words, representing a range of complexity. For example, Week 7, Lesson 4 introduces the verb hunt, the nouns predator and close-up, and the adjective transparent; Week 22, Lesson 1 introduces the verbs seal and communicate, the noun correspondence, and the adjective patterned. (Note: Children are not expected to know or discuss the parts of speech.)

The vibrant vocabulary choices are given context by a diverse selection of fine art and real-world photography, including fine art—painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, architecture, fiber art, and more—from the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Spain, Peru, France, China, Mexico, Japan, Ancient Egypt, Korea, The Netherlands, South Africa, Iran, Russia, and Papua New Guinea.

Real-world photographs include contemporary scenes from Indonesia, Iceland, Australia, England, French Polynesia, South Africa, Mongolia, United States, China, Spain, Germany, Mexico, and Bangladesh. Students see and discuss such activities as using a seeing eye dog, making ice cream, visiting an art gallery, playing a steel drum, having an X-ray, flying kites, riding a horse, laying bricks, cooking, ice skating, and sewing.

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