Level A-D


What level(s) should I buy?
The levels can be used as early as grades K–3. The vocabulary and images, however, are sophisticated enough to use the levels at the intermediate or middle school levels depending on the vocabulary level of your students.

When you purchase the complete Discussions4Learning program set, levels A through D, you’ll have at your fingertips:

  • 384 lively oral vocabulary lessons based on interdisciplinary themes
  • 192 works of fine art from across the centuries and around the world
  • 192 dynamic, contemporary, real-world photographs
  • more than 2,000 high-level, cross-curricular vocabulary words

This choice offers you complete flexibility, a wide range of choices, and the full vocabulary-building power of Discussions4Learning’s unique approach.

All components are organized into four colorful program boxes, each of which includes:

  • four spiral-bound Teacher's Guides, one for each theme
  • Program Guide
  • CD-ROM with 48 fine art images and 48 real-world photos used in the lessons

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