Videos about the Program

Check out these videos to learn more about the program.

The Interview with a Grade 5 Classroom Teacher Video shows a fifth grade teacher in Montebello, California, who has been using Discussions4Learning for three years. (Click on the Complete Lesson - Grade 5 Video to view a 15-minute video of her complete class.)

The Complete Lesson - Grade 5 Video shows you a complete lesson in a grade 5 classroom. You’ll notice how the program introduces new vocabulary orally in context, helps the teacher review previously learned vocabulary, and provides opportunities and support for academically productive talk.

The Teach High-Level Academic Vocabulary through Engaging Discussions Video includes brief clips from a first-grade classroom, and interviews with the classroom teacher, instructional coach, and professor/researcher.

The Program in Action Video shows you the program in action in an inner-city first-grade classroom.

The Classroom Teacher Interview Video shows you how the program works in the classroom.

The Raise Reading Comprehension Scores through Academic Vocabulary Instruction Video shows you how this Massachusetts inner-city school raised their students’ reading comprehension scores through academic vocabulary instruction.

The Support for the Common Core Standards Video shows you how the program supports the Common Core State Standards.

The Fine Art and Real-World Photos Video shows examples of the fine art images and real-world photos, along with the accompanying vocabulary, that is included and taught across the four levels.